Saturday, September 2, 2017

what to get for the new update

Alright so p101 is getting an update which includes ship pvp, new quests, possibly crafting, team up kiosk, and other things. so i'm going to give you the general run down of what you need to prepare for this update...

1 ship items
with ship pvp this could be a new chance to get scrip, generally your going to find the items you need from 2 places
1 the ship item vendor in florenza docks and martin chambers "the pretender" found sailing between florenza, barbaninzo villa, the palace and the stormgate to Aquila. the ship items vendor is right next to the ship vendor, while you can pick up most of what you need from him, martin drops some special horns better than the kraken which you will need.

2 gear
simple enough, kane can get you the gear you need unless you prefer some stuff from moo like his outfit or bloods jacket, but I recommend kane for your gear essentials.

3 pet, this is personal, personally for me I try to get as many talent grants as possible that best suit me being a buccaneer. like I said this will be different for everyone because some people like it to have charm while I don't so this is more for you to decide what best suites your play style.

4 a good team
as we learned in vp2 test things are getting harder, so I would get all your companions to max (yes even the ones you never use just in case) also you might want to get some extra companions so you can have some spares.

5 extra essentials
this is stuff that is not necessary but for just in case, the list is; gold, extra companion points, stuff that sells at a high price, doubloons, active friends, some elixirs (not yet though save some crowns and see if you have to buy them first). things like that

until I know more about the update I wont add to this guide, and due to the wide Varity of things such as gear alone I can't add pictures. hope this at least helped a bit, what the update means comes next then who knows?


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The winterbane gauntlet and beowulf

We all know of the legendary winterbane gauntlet from w101, THE place to farm snacks (of which I'm a proud owner of the bundle) but what if I told you there was no spoon, um I mean it is based off of the first piece of literature to be made in English?
first a little bit about the novel

A Viking and his tribe are eating in their great hall (winter bane hall) when a dragon gets sick of all the noise and sends grendles to stop them (not making this up, grendles) so Beowulf the king of the tribe fights his way through the dragons borough and fights the dragon, in the end he wins because of help from his friends but ultimately dies.

The winterbane hall quest
1 fight grendles who are attacking a norse king check
fight your way to a dragon check
takes place in a borough under a hall check
so are you seeing what I'm seeing? this is basically word for word a piece of English history. but i'm not here to judge wizard101 for copying, I want to congratulate them for teaching us about it, we are reading it in class and thanks to Kingsisle I know the story already!

short post I know but i'm getting back into the groove, cya soon!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Short story: Jack Nightingale visits Wizard city

"Well ratbeard, i'm off to visit wizard city."

"Your going to die captain."

"Thank you for your support ratbeard. Sure I've killed a few of their summons, so what. They invited me and I intend to go."

"It's a trap!"

"Bonnie, make sure ratbeard doesn't go anywhere near anything explosive, and Kobe?"

"Yes captain?"

"Keep your eye on the skyways, the armada is in ruins but I want to be safe."

"Yes captain."

"Goodbye then. I shall ride on Bob!"

"Captain my captain. Pegasus can't go through storm gates."

"Fine. Wheres my ship? Rat beard did you explode my ship?"


"Shush. I forgot, its under the bush by the dock. And here it is!."

"Captain my captain.  You need to hurry before you are late!"

"A pirate is never late, or early. He arrives exactly when he means to."

"Which in your case is usually late."

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Goodbye!"

1 month of sailing later

"Finally, here I am at wizard city. I wonder if they have monsters. Oh well, I guess I should dock, Hmmm. the dock is rather small. Time for my legendary sailing!"


"Sorry Mr Bear! Your ship seems to have been split in two. You should get that looked at, it could be a serious design flaw. Ill  hold your spot on the dock for you!"


'"Look over there!  Its a sale on two for one hair conditioner!"

"Where! I need that!"

1 long run to the commons later

"Excuse me. Who are you?"

"Penny Dreadful, and you?"

"Jack Nightingale at your service, I'm looking for the headmasters office."

"Judging by your attire your no wizard."

"Excuse me, I am a pirate. In other words, I blow stuff up for fun."

"Of course you do, the headmasters office is through that gate. Say, we were expecting a pirate hero, have you seen him?"

"Yes, that hero is me."

"Really? Wow okay then."

"Hmph. You sound like the type of person who makes other people do their homework. Goodbye!"

"Fight me."


One fight and one walk to the headmasters door later.


"You must be the pirate which saved the spiral! You do realize you don;t have to scream ding dong, you can just knock."

"Whenever I go into a house unannounced I seem to get into a fight."

"We have that problem also! But usually with towers. Anyways, welcome. Your very late."

"A pirate is never late or early, he arrives exactly when he means to."

"Don"t you mean a wizard?"

"Don't you mean a warlock?"

"Whatever young pirate. The best I can offer you is a tour of ravenwood and some cake."

"Ill take it!"

"Of course you will. Ravenwood is through the gate by my office. Look for the giant tree,"

"Mmmmmmmm cake."

"Just go. I have work to attend to."

"Okay, see you later!"

"Your leaving after the cake."

"But why?"


"I helped clean up!"

"You made it worse..."

"Or better?"

"No worse. So much worse."

"Its not my fault the bazaar exploded."


"For science!"

"How is that scientific?"

"I wanted to see if it would explode and it did. Now we know building can be destroyed if you shoot them with a cannon."


"Ill go now..."

"Please do."

One Tour of ravenwood later



"Um, I made bacon..."


"Again, bacon."

"Leave now and never come back."

"No cake?"


"Awwwww. Okay i'll leave...Wait."


"Pick a card any card."


"Hmph, who knew wizards would be a tough crowd for my magic act. VERY WELL. TO ME BOB!"

One Pegasus ride to the ship and several months of sailing home later.

"I'm back!"

"Did you know..,"

"Hawkules, be quiet. Bonnie, report!"

"All is well, however I heard all didn't go well for you."

"So I blew up a ship and a building so what..."

"Captain, you set the ICE school on fire."

"Such things must be sacrificed for bacon."

"Whatever captain, We're glad your back."

"I am too. Let's go blow up some ships!"

"Aye Aye captain!"