Thursday, January 19, 2017

A guide to pet snack farming in pirate101 and wizard101

A guide to pet snacks

1 Mirror lake. Drops 2 mega snacks every time located in zafaria in the "commons area" must finish  the world to get to it though
2 Winterbane, drops multiple mega snacks  Available  from the now retired winter bane gauntlet. You can search house from house for it, check the popular ones.
3 skeleton key bosses. drops mega snacks One in mooshu, (wood key, storm) one in Avalon (stone key, fire) one in Polaris (gold key, shadow)
4 The gallery in khrysalis. Drops mega snacks (end of part 2 before morganthe  3 fights each with 2 bosses.)
5 darkmoor, drops multiple mega snacks. (any place in it works. available at lvl 100.)

1 The spider boss in devilfish grotto. (go up a ladder which will lead you to a small cliff, go up the second latter to a ruin like place  and fight the spider boss. He may not appear every time.)
2 pet pvp (go to bestia talk to Decius and either choose player vs. player or practice.
3 mobs in devilfish grotto  (any work, they are cool ranch lvl so make sure your around lvl 15 or 20
4 mb bosses. several mb bosses in the sewers drop good pet snacks.
5 Kane while his pet snack drops are okay, the other rewards far outweigh the pet snacks. First must beat the game to farm.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The future for the spiral

The spiral is vast, full of wizards and pirates. Both have done allot to save it but what will happen when we are gone. First we go over our pirate.

Say your pirate retired. Maybe he or she had enough money, what would happen in the skyways? Lets count what would happen.

1 The skyways would be left to be controlled by spiral powers such as marleybone, monquista, and valencia. things might look bleak for a little while but eventually things would be okay.

2 some renegade groups might gain power. Say the pig bandits or warf rats, they might gain a little power in certain skyways. They might be somewhat controlled but not enough to completely stop them. They will linger for awhile holding on to what little power they have.

3 More merc groups. The people of the skyway need things, without the pirate, more captains would take up jobs to do what the people want. this could be both good and bad since officials in the controlling navy wont have to worry about that but they will have to worry about captains gaining influential power.

4 more fighting within spiral powers. This goes the same for wizards, without our pirate or wizard to go deep into the situations of the leaders of worlds (say monquista) fighting within those worlds could get out of hand and collapse their kingdoms.

5 Leading navy's no longer in check. Our pirate has powerful ships, we kept multiple navy's in check by sinking their ships. Without us it could get out of control and lead to war. plain and simple.

What if your wizard retired to his or her studies. What if they wanted to retire from fighting and let the spiral run its course. This is what might happen.

1 Things could go very wrong. The spiral always seems to be in trouble. without our wizard to stop the major threats things could go very bad.

2 Worlds could fall. World leaders in the spiral seem to get into trouble allot. without our powerful wizard things could spiral out of control. What if the queen of marleybone was captured, what if the emperor of mooshu never woke up? Things would fall to chaos and their would be riots and overthrown governments.

3 worlds would be under new control. Our wizard, like our pirate keeps things in check. Krok for example. without us the dogs would have lost and the manders would be under krok control. things like this would happen allot without our wizard meaning the state of the spiral would be reshaped.

4 Like our pirate, without our wizard  renegade groups with a decent amount of power would gain more. Our pirate keeps groups in the skyway in check, our wizard keeps groups on the grounds in check. While they wouldn't gain that much power they would gain enough to linger longer then others would like.

5 Worlds would fall to evil. People like malistaire and morganthe would rise to power and win. they would control the spiral or worlds would be destroyed. Our wizard right now helps prevent such things, without our wizard the spiral would be a very bad place to live.

-Jack Nightingale/Skullbreeze lvl 70 buccaneer lvl 110 pyromancer

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Domain!

I finally got the domain working! It's I'm one step closer to making this official! Thank you all and wish me luck, I hope I can become official so I can make you all happy with contests and other things like that, Thank you!